What are best things to do on Celebrity Xploration cruise ship?

Celebrity Xploration Cruise

Celebrity Cruises never ceases to amaze with its immaculate ships and diverse destinations. Celebrity Cruises is offering the most thrilling tour to the famed Galapagos Islands. Sir Charles Darwin sailed to the island on HMS Beagle to study the diverse flora and fauna that will pique your interest. Now is your chance to return to the region that gave birth to some of the world’s most important biological theories with Celebrity Xploration.

A private catamaran called Celebrity Xploration offers you the most intimate journey in the lap of nature. This vessel is equipped to carry 16 passengers in luxurious rooms and suites. Junior Suites present you with regal accommodation arrangements with an attached private veranda where you can enjoy the equator sunset. Luxury meets tranquility in the famous Ocean View rooms with two convertible beds, ideal for sea viewing. The Stateroom offers you the most magnificent view of the archipelago.

The Galapagos Islands, with their diverse flora and fauna, attract a wide range of marine scientists, naturalists, geologists, and photographers. Sit on the deck of the Celebrity Xploration ship and soak in the gorgeous view of the island while enjoying a luxurious vacation. The cruise ship is ideal for a family get-together on the Kicker Rock or exploring Los Lobos (local name for Sea Lions).

Along with perfect accommodations, Celebrity Xploration makes every arrangement to make your trip memorable. For instance, you can rent wet suits or snorkeling equipment from the ship inventory for free! In-suite dining, room services, and royal treatments on the way to Galapagos Island will fill your days with excitement and fun. There are many interesting things to do onboard Celebrity Xploration .

Here’s a list of Celebrity Xploration activities that will make your luxury cruise even more delightful.

Best Activity to do on Celebrity Xploration cruise ship

As the name suggests, Celebrity Xploration lets you explore the nooks and corners of the legendary Galapagos Island. You will be amazed to come across the list of top 5 activities to do on the Celebrity Xploration . So buckle up because the much-anticipated section on the amazing things to do on the Celebrity Xploration is about to begin!

1. Get a chance to stay close to nature

You’ll never have another opportunity to be so close to nature. The Sun Deck provides an up-close look at the terrestrial and aquatic species surrounding you. Early mornings and nights on the balcony are ideal for observing the peaceful lives of the local species. For example, you can enjoy watching whales releasing water into the sky in their traditional fashion.

Sea lions, iguanas, and massive tortoises are some of the most fascinating wildlife on the island, and naturalists and photographers visit the Galapagos National Park to study and photograph them. You can get a chance to capture the ideal photogenic moments for yourself!

For your safety and awareness, Celebrity Xploration employs multiple Galapagos Island naturalists and experts who will take you to the most photogenic sites, close to the native species. This trip could be a special and unique opportunity for wildlife photographers.

2. Take your adventure ashore

The fascinating adventures are not restricted to onboard activities only. You can enjoy a satisfying session of snorkeling with guides and trainers around. Celebrity Xploration provides the boarders with complimentary snorkeling equipment!

Photography is another onshore activity that attracts many tourists every season. The rich flora and fauna and the unique demography of the large archipelago could be the second-to-none subjects for your photography. If you are an avid wildlife photographer, you should keep your eyes and shutter open since you never know when you will come across the fascinating inhabitants of the islands. Book the Elite Ocean View rooms for capturing marine life from the comforts of your convertible bed.

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3. Gather in the lounge during leisure

The lounge of the Celebrity Xploration cruise ship is the key attraction during the day for various activities. First of all, the briefings and educational lectures take place in the lounge. Post lunch, you can enjoy an hour of peaceful novel reading in the lounge, with the dark ambiance of the sea soothing your nerves.

At night, the lounge becomes the place for socializing with other boarders. Cocktail parties, folk music, and the occasional documentary shows make the evenings and nights at the lounge of Celebrity Xploration all the more happening.

4. Experience delicious dishes at Al Fresco restaurant

Al Fresco terrace restaurant on the Celebrity Xploration is the ideal hangout place to grab some delicious local and global cuisines. The restaurant offers you an extremely soothing ambiance along with delectable food items. Enjoy your dinners at the rooftop restaurant overlooking the untamed wilderness.

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5. Enlighten yourself with the fascinating facts about fauna

Several events are held on Celebrity Xploration to raise awareness about wild animals. These displays will engage the children because they are also designed to appeal to youngsters. Small kids can learn about the environment in a variety of observatories and labs on board the cruise ship.

Final Thoughts

A journey to the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Xploration could be the trip of a lifetime for you! So go ahead and book your trip right now at www.cruisebooking.com!

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