What Drinks Can You Bring on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship?

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This is the most common question people ask when they are cruising a major cruise line like Royal Caribbean International. Many people know these, but some don’t know about the Royal Caribbean beverage policy, especially what drinks you can bring on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean offers several complimentary options on your basic cruise fare, which also includes food and drinks. Yet, some fellow cruisers want to bring their own drinks for a variety of reasons. You’ll find plenty of options for your drinks, but sometimes you need to want your favorite brand. However, bringing your drinks can save you a lot of money when you avoid purchasing them onboard.

So the good news is that, yes, you can bring your drinks on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, but there is a limit on how much and how many drinks you can bring.

Can You Bring Wine on Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Royal Caribbean Drink Policy

The cruise line allows limited amounts of non-alcoholic beverages with them on the embarkation day. To be more specific, you can bring up to 17 oz (12 standard) cans, bottles, or cartons per cabin. That non-alcoholic beverages means you can bring bottled water, soda, etc. However, you can bring that baby food and formula onboard if you’re traveling with your child.

However, milk and distilled water for infant, medical, or dietary purposes are not limited. In case of any special beverages, you need to fill out the Special Need form. And that form you need to fill out at least 30 days before the sailing date. And they will inform you via e-mail of their decision.

Where should you keep your beverages?

You should pack your beverages in carry-on luggage. Avoid putting it in your checked luggage for these reasons:

  • The bottles might break around in transit.
  • The X-ray machines can see the bottle but don’t know if it’s a beverage or something else. In that case, your baggage might get delayed when arriving at your stateroom.

If you visit a port for an excursion and buy a beverage bottle there, you can bring it onboard, but you must wait until the last night of the cruise for it to be returned to you.

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Can you bring water on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Yes, you are allowed to bring water on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but not an unlimited amount. Passengers should bring 12 standard (17 oz) cans, bottles, or cartons per stateroom. Make sure you keep your water in your carry-on bag, not your checked luggage.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how many people are in your room, and the limit is fixed per stateroom per sailing.

What kind of beverages can you bring on the Royal Caribbean cruise?

Cruisers can bring some alcohol but no beer or hard liquor. Royal Caribbean will let passengers bring up to one bottle of wine per adult per stateroom. Moreover, bring it in your carry bag to avoid that security inspection later.

Food and Drinks to Avoid Bringing on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

  • Perishable Food Items: Avoid perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat products, and homemade food.
  • Selective Alcoholic Beverages: You can bring wine or champagne on the cruise and avoid any other alcohol like hard liquor, beer, and seltzer, as it may attract restrictions while embarking on the ship.

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Check your Royal Caribbean drink policy on bringing food and drinks onboard. This will allow you to experience a hassle-free cruising experience. However, apart from the above-listed items, you can bring perishable snacks, limited bottles of wine and champagne, baby food, milk, and water. Remember that you will get enough food and drinks onboard as well and include them in your fare. So, there is no need to pack extra food and drinks.

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