Norwegian Cruise Line Hacks: Before, After and On-Board

It is said that the more you experience, the more you learn; in the same way, the more you cruise, the more you find out about its hacks. Each cruise line has its secrets, and there is no reason to find out by yourself. Here are some Norwegian cruise line hacks that you don’t know.

Hacks for Before Booking a Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Sign up for the Newsletter!

Before you book your Norwegian cruise line, sign up for its Newsletter to be notified of the special offer. Each email will include any available discounts and specials available.

  • Not all Cruise Ships are the Same!

As you know, the Norwegian fleet has 17 ships, but they all are different. So, check out each cruise ship before you board. For example, the older cruise ships have fewer entertainment options, but Norwegian Escape has a rope course and water slides.

  • Score the “Free at Sea” Offers!

“Free at Sea” offers are often run on our sites and the official website. They offer free open bars, free specialty dining, free shore excursions, free Wi-Fi, and free kids. You can get several free offers per cruise. Some of them even come with free flights! You can add huge savings!

  • Get a new Credit Card to Pay for the Cruise and Get Miles!

Check out the new credit card offers for bonus miles. Credit card companies generally offer awesome signup offers along with Bonus Miles.

  • Book your Cruise Last-Minute!

You can find great discounts if you book your cruise about three months before sailing. Cruise lines generally want to fill those rooms, which people eventually cancel. So, you can take advantage of being flexible.

  • Set Price Drop Alerts!

Before you book your cruise, set up price drop alerts to monitor the prices by entering your sail date on websites like You can automatically receive an email when the price rises or falls more than one percent.

  • Book your Next Cruise Onboard!

Yes, you read it right! You can book your next cruise onboard with Norwegian Cruise Line, especially in the last few days of your cruise. You can also book your next cruise with the help of a cruise consultant; they can get a discount and onboard credit.

  • Hacks for After Booking a Cruise

  • Know Freestyle Dining!

That’s what Norwegian Cruise Line is all about: Freestyle Dining! There isn’t a set dining time each evening; you can visit and have your food at the restaurant whenever you want.

  • Pack your cruise Carry-on Bag!

This is one of the main tips because, at the cruise dock, you’ll give your large suitcases to the porter, who will check them for you. So, carry a small bag and personal items, and you might not receive your checked bags until later in the evening.

  • Think about what to wear on a cruise.

When packing, you might want some ideas on what to wear on a cruise. Are you wondering how many swimsuits to bring, what to wear on excursions, and more? Check out the cruise line guidelines for what to wear on a cruise.

  • Book your live shows and activities early!

Make sure you book your activities and entertainment to make sure you get a space. Make sure you book your excursions early, and you can also save some money through early-bird discounts.

  • Buy Travel Insurance

This kind of insurance is something you don’t think about until you need it. Your travel insurance will protect you against cancellations, injury, lost baggage, and delays.

Hacks for Onboard Booking a Cruise

  • Watch your Balance!

It is always a good idea to monitor your onboard balance. You might need to be charged more.

  • Avoid Extra Expenses!

You can spend a little or more and can enjoy most of your cruise vacation. You can participate in jewelry sales or art auctions! Also, make sure you avoid extra expenses such as trips to ice cream shops or Starbucks.

  • Know your Ship!

On the first couple of days, take some time to explore the ship and any activities you have planned, and make reservations for shows.

  • Follow the Fish!

The fish on the carpet always swim in the direction of the ship. Follow the fish to get in front of the ship.

  • Know about the Gratuities!

Norwegian Cruise Line recommends $15 per person per day for gratuities. This amount is divided between dining room services, cabin services, and alternative services like kitchen, entertainment, guest services, and other hotel services.

  • Bonus Tip: Show up to sold-out shows!

If seats are available, you might be able to watch the sold-out shows. Just go ahead and get in line before showtime.

  • Enroll your Kids-to-Kids Club!

If you’re traveling with your child, take advantage of the FREE kid’s clubs. They can be a great way for the kids to play and meet other children!

Hacks for Norwegian Cruise Cabins

  • A vacation lanyard for your keys.
  • Bring a good cruise-approved power strip if you need more outlets.
  • Bring reusable water bottles.
  • Carry strong magnetic hooks to hang your clothes.
  • Cover-ups to spend the afternoon around the pool.
  • Decorate your door with some cool stickers to find your cabin easily!
  • Keep up with your documents.
  • Keep your valuables safe in the safety lockers.
  • Put dirty clothes in the travel laundry bag.
  • Take a couple of Ziplock bags to keep your things.
  • Use the door-hanging organizer for all your products.
  • Water shoes
  • Waterproof phone pouches

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