Top 5 Adults-only Areas on a Cruise Ships

Adults On Cruise Ship

Cruises are an excellent way to relax and enjoy the water. They are also a great opportunity for you to have some fun! Cruises are famous for their endless entertainment and activities. Of course, kids are always welcome on board, but if you want to enjoy some time in private, you should prefer adult-only areas on the cruise. Here we will list the five areas on cruise ships accessible by adults.

List of Top 5 Adults-only Areas on a Cruise Ships

Adult-only areas have been growing on many ships. These areas are designated spots where you can relieve tension and enjoy a drink. We’ll let you decide what else you may do at these spots.

This article is about the top 5 adults only areas on a cruise ship where you can enjoy. We’ll also tell you about the things to do here.

Here are the best adults-only areas on a cruise.

1. Royal Caribbean: The Solarium

Royal Caribbean is one of the most famous cruise lines in the world. It offers thrilling onboard experiences like water slides, surf simulators, and zip lines. Apart from this, it has a particular adults-only area, i.e., Solarium, away from all the noises of the little ones. Solarium includes hot tubs, day beds, pools, and adult lounge chairs. Only cruisers above 16 are allowed to enter this adults-only space.

2. Carnival Cruise Line: Serenity

Carnival Cruise is quite popular among adults who are party people, as it’ll give you an energetic atmosphere onboard. Those cruisers looking for a quieter place to enjoy their vacations will appreciate an adults-only area called Serenity. Now, what does Serenity offer to its guests? The list is long! It provides all the luxuries such as a jacuzzi, bar, lounges, pools, etc. You can read a book, enjoy a drink, and get relief from your hectic schedule at Serenity. Guests above 21 have access to this place.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line: Spice H20

Spice H20 is another great adult area, where adults get delightful experiences and daytime leisure. It’ll facilitate you with sun loungers, hot tubs, and a giant television screen. By night, this place ultimately converts into an Ibiza-style nightclub. Cruisers have fun and dance under the stars with a drink in hand!

4. Norwegian Cruise Line: Posh and Vibe Beach Club

To get the poshest vibe and luxuries, this club is one of the best adults-only areas. This place has plush daybeds, a spa, canopies, and waterfalls, to provide peace and comfort to the guests. Cruisers can also enjoy their time in a beach club with relaxing music and a full-service bar. Whether traveling with your partner, family, or solo, this is the perfect spot for you!

5. P&O Cruises: The Retreat

In the list of top 5 adults-only areas on a cruise ship, this is the last but not the least. The Retreat is the best adult area as it offers cruisers, loungers for sunbathing, pool butlers, cabanas for spa treatments, and even whirlpools to captivate them. They get mesmerizing views and a soothing atmosphere here. So if you are looking for a fun time, your search ends here!

Many areas are considered “adults only” on a cruise ship. We have listed some of the best ones here, but most ships will have a designated kids-free zone. These areas provide the best opportunity to enjoy your vacation away from toddlers. So what are you waiting for? Book your cruise today.

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