How Many Steps to Book an MSC Cruise?

Book An Msc Cruise

With a growing wave of popularity of travel and tourism recently, more people have taken an interest in cruise holidays. Cruise ships are packed with adventure and entertainment facilities while allowing travelers to enjoy multiple destinations during their journey. A Swiss global cruise line based in Geneva, MSC Cruises have successfully developed a strong and loyal customer base with their services.

Book Your MSC Cruise with 4 Simple Steps

Are you planning a cruise holiday on MSC cruises? Find out all about the steps to consider for booking this cruise in this article. – Find the MSC Cruises Ships

Steps to Book MSC Cruises

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) started its cruise business back in 1988 with only two ships. In course of time, it has successfully grown in the industry, with over 20 cruise ships. These ships are known for combining elegance with cutting-edge technologies, offering exciting itineraries across the globe.

Here are four simple steps you can consider for booking an MSC cruise before your holiday:

Step 1: Select your cabins

  • The first step is to choose the cabin or number of them from the official website of MSC. Use the drop-down list to do this.
  • Next, you need to select the number of occupants for each cabin. You need to specify if they are adults, children, or infants.
  • Search for an MSC Club Number if you do not have one, and enter it on the website.
  • Choose the category of cabin based on your desires and budget, and move to the next step.

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Step 2: Check hotels and transfers

  • This step is mainly applicable to local cruises. Start with checking the options for hotels from the website.
  • Then, book the coach transfers for a holiday. Check the hotel rate sheets before booking any of them.

Step 3: Curate a Rich Cruise Experience

  • Check all the commissionable add-ons and add these to your cruise holiday. These include options for food and drinks, a spa, excursions, cabin services, etc.
  • After selecting a category, browse through the packages with descriptions. Click “ADD ITEM” to add these to the trips of every guest.
  • Note that the options for the excursion will only be available for international cruises.
  • After adding the desired packages and excursions to your trip, proceed to check out.

Step 4: Complete the Checkout

As its name suggests, this is the final step to book an MSC cruise online. Click each tab and enter the details of each guest.

Choose a payment option after assessing the total expenses. There are options of “Direct Payment” or “Confirm Option” for making payments on the website.

Book your MSC Cruise with these easy-peasy tips and don’t forget to grab the latest MSC Cruise deals too.

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Pro Tips for Booking MSC Cruises

If you are new to cruising, booking a cruise can be overwhelming. Here are some pro tips you can follow to successfully book your ideal MSC cruise:

  • Tip 1: Book the pre-paid services when booking your MSC cruise. You can also add shore excursions here during the third step of your booking process. This will enrich your cruise experience.
  • Tip 2: Make sure to save itineraries as favorites after arriving on the “Cruise Results” page. You will find the “Save as Favorite” option next to the thumbtack icon. It will help you find these trips and itineraries in the future.
  • Tip 3: Get E-tickets during the booking process, which will be easier when there are multiple guests involved. Under “Manage Booking,” you will be able to access and search for the E-tickets and email them directly to the guests.
  • Tip 4: Find your MSC VOYAGER Club Number easily while selecting the cabin. There is a link for “Click Here to Search for MSC VOYAGER Club Number.” Enter your date of birth and other details to get your number.
  • Tip 5: Click on “Quick Option” at the bottom of the page on step 1. It will redirect you to a new page, where you need to enter guest details and check the price breakdown.


Hopefully, you now have a detailed idea of the right steps to follow for booking MSC cruises. This process is a simple one and is a completely online and seamless one. If you are planning a cruise vacation, MSC can be a perfect option for you. is a reliable agency that can help you book your cruise without any hassles or additional charges.

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