Top 5 Popular Cruises for Vegans and Vegetarians

Best Cruise Lines for Vegans

While cruising, one of the most crucial considerations is the food. Also, most cruise lines pay special attention to their cuisines and hire top chefs to prepare special menus. So, regardless of whether you avoid meat or have special requirements, here are some must-visit cruises for vegans and vegetarians.

Which is the Best Cruise Line For Vegans?

We have compiled a list of a few best vegan cruise lines so you can enjoy exploring the sea and living a vegan lifestyle at the same time.

1. Oceania Cruises

In 2017, Oceania launched an extended vegan menu with 250+ preparations offered during all three courses. Later, in 2019, they added 200+ plant-based dishes on the menu for specialty restaurants, the main dining room and the buffet.

The pool deck of Oceania’s two largest ships, Riviera and Marina, features a morning-only plant-based juice bar. This bar offers unprocessed, cold-pressed smoothies, juices and bowls with chia seeds, acai berries and handcrafted cashew milk. Here, you can try a few sample preparations such as thick mushroom soup, pad Thai, vegan tortilla Espanola, vegan milk carrot cake and cheeseburger.

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2. Holland America

Holland America cruises have special menus that include an Indian diet with meat-free options and a vegetarian diet. But the Indian diet is only available on special requests before 24 hours. Besides that, both the primary and specialty dining rooms provide vegetarian alternatives on their menus.

Also, there are numerous made-to-order stations, including a daily sushi station and a standout salad bar in the buffet. In these stations, you can try a few recipes, including curried cauliflower steak (served with asparagus), baked cheese polenta, grilled portobello mushroom (served with zucchini spaghetti) and vegetable korma.

3. Azamara

Azamara has immensely improved its dining experience for vegan travellers by adding plant-based preparations to its vegan menu. You can enjoy this lunch in the main dining room and the Aqualina and Prime C specialty restaurants. Additionally, you can enjoy appetizers, soups, side dishes and other vegan main dishes on the menu.

Furthermore, you can also find vegetable burgers and meat-free spring rolls at the poolside grill. Also, you can get plant-based Indian food at the buffet.

4. Carnival Cruise Line

Usually, in the primary dining room of Carnival, there are multiple vegetarian meals and starters. Furthermore, the meal’s main course changes each night, but the list always includes papadum, basmati rice and raita, along with other vegetarian options.

Also, you can get a vegetable burger from Guy’s Burger Joint or the deli served with sautéed mushrooms and onions on top. In addition, there are also bean burritos at Blue Iguana Cantina, salad and spaghetti at the buffet, and pizzas available as vegetarian options at Carnival.

5. Royal Caribbean

A few years back, vegan food was available only if someone made special requests in the Royal Caribbean. However, they now offer an exhaustive plant-based menu in their Windjammer Café and primary dining room.

Here, a few must-try unique dishes include orzo pasta stew with vegetables, edamame-stuffed portobello mushrooms, peanut butter crust toffee cheesecake (served with dark chocolate) and vegan spaghetti Bolognese.

Final word

Now almost every cruise line offers vegetarian menus without special requests. In addition, at least one starter is meat-free, and pizza and pasta bars are omnipresent. So, considering the list mentioned above of must-visit cruises for vegans and vegetarians, start planning your ultimate vacation.

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